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Mj journal is Friends Only. I'll be keeping my fanart posts public, but everything else private.
If you'd like to be friends then just drop me a comment :)
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Happy Birthday Lisa E )

Happy birthday Lisa Edelstein!!!

Anything I write I feel will sound sappy or full of overthetop modifiers. But Lisa Edelstein is one of the most inspirational people and I hope that she's having an amazing birthday right now partying in NYC &hearts &hearts

She's never afraid to answer truthfully, she always speaks her mind and with such poise and elegance. When you see videos of reporters asking her rude questions she's able to answer the questions so that the reporter does not feel badly while politely only briefly answering the question. I especially loved it when at Monte Carlo someone asked her about Petri and her response was just flawless and I wish I had this video link.

She surrounds herself with positive people. Going to events with Bryan Rabin, being friends with James St. James, being so fucking awesome with Regina King, taking photos at the Stephen Sprouse party with Michael Schmidt, and so many more.

How she speaks out about AIDs, and pregnancy and abstinence, always knowing the right things to say. Her involvement with Planned Parenthood, her realism and hope to really educate people about all of this, she's just so intelligent about these topics and when she adds humor in it's just perfect &hearts (In trying to come up with a reasonable response to my alleged pregnancy, I've decided the only thing to do is blame it all on Palin.)

Her style &hearts The evolution of it through the years, even just from 2004 to now, it's so cool looking back and seeing her at events with kneehigh boots and a skirt, and now seeing her in LBDs. Her owl purse, butterfly ring, spider necklace, and freaking awesome black tote (which one day I will find in stock), and the fact that she paints her own nails saghsklaghskldhg &hearts. And how could I forget her stunning curved/tusk/taper earrings!! (thanks Sarah haha)


Nov. 8th, 2008 10:42 pm
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I have no idea how to use final cut pro.
I spent several days converting ALL the House episodes from .avi to .mov, and then I put them in FCP and they *still* need rendering.
and IDEK how to render! Can someone who understands this please explain it to me :)?? And then I thought I might need to set the sequence compressor to match the compressor of the clips, and I did just that. But I still can't even preview the clips. And I don't know where clip splitting is! aghhhh
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14 House icons from the new 100th episode party photos!

*comment if you like :)
*don't alter


following up on my purple theme )
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SNL is on tonight!!!!
and I won't be watching because of Physics.

Also, new House photos are amazing :)

I'm going to make some icons.

House Icons

Nov. 2nd, 2008 01:34 pm
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I just made 11 icons of House 5x06 Joy. I am very dissatisfied with them so I really don't know why I'm even posting them..but here they are :)

*comment if you like
*don't alter
*enjoy XD


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

We're miles adrift, we're inches apart )
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I walked into the drugstore today and went to the pharmacy in the back, and my mom thought she should be the one to ask about the vicodin bottle LOL:
mom: have you seen the movie...I mean show...House?
pharmacist: uh....yup.
mom: so you know the doctor, he's addicted to the drug vicodin?
pharmacist: ummmm
mom: My daughter wants to be House for halloween tomorrow, would it be possible for you to label a bottle for vicodin and give it to us empty?
pharmacist: well, that would be an insurance fraud, but I can give you a medicine bottle and some empty lables.
mom: oh, but even if you just label it, not even fill it?
pharmacist: yeah.
mom: so where do you write the prescription on the label?
pharmacist *explains it to my mom*
mom: thank you.

as we walk out--
me: why did you pretend you had no clue what he was talking about?
mom: because if he knew I was a doctor he would expect me to know that it was an insurance claim.

So, now I just have a bottle and a label, so IDK how I'm going to print on it because my printer doesn't really work...soo...
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October close to October 13th.
anway, Congrats Gillian and Mark on their new baby, Felix :)

Felix and Oscar...the odd couple anyone ;)???

ETA: Felix is just an anagram for X File.
lol I had to ;)

Random note, finally got the guayaki tea LE said she liked and it's awesome.
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What. The. Hell.

This is what I get for not staying on top of CSI spoilers. utter shock and asgdksakkasdjfkalgjkkgs anger, basically?

CSI thoughts on tonight's episode and future spoilers?? )

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!!!!(aka spoilers) )
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If any of you guys watch The Amazing Race...does anyone think Sarah (from Sarah and Terrence) sort of sounds like Lisa???
The season is OK so far, but not spectacular.

LE icons

Sep. 30th, 2008 01:45 am
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27 Lisa Edelstein Icons
*comment if you like/take
*credit please
*don't alter

It's almost perfect here... )
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Hugh will be sitting in the front row of the Emmy's tomorrow night(!!!) so hopefully lots of shots of him in the audience :) Thank you E! news. haha when they first mentioned this I heard "Q" not "hugh", but then I small one of those small pictures of him on the seat.

and also, just on E! news Megan Fox was asked which actress she'd like to be with if she were a lesbian and she said Olivia Wilde. lol that amused me, with the 13 storyline and all. Then Megan went on to say something about strangling an oxen to be with Olivia. or something.

but right now..LISA ON THE CREATIVE ARTS EMMYS!!!!!!!

Edit #2: She was awesome. Always finds a way to make things hilarious and just amazing and she got to speak a lot and !!!!!!! I'm uploading right now....

Edit #3: NPH and Sarah Chalke are such awesome hosts together!! I hope Sarah stays on HIMYM.
Ok and on to the Lisa clip:


Sep. 20th, 2008 05:08 pm
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20 House/Lisa icons

*Please credit and comment :)
*don't alter please

01-05 House MD 5x01 icons
06-20 Lisa Edelstein icons

potential is the key... )
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33 Icons

1-8: Gillian Anderson
9: David Duchovny
10-11: Don Flack (CSI:NY)
12-17: Jorja Fox/Sara Sidle (CSI)
18-19: Phil Keoghan (The Amazing Race)
20-24: House MD 4x03 (97 seconds)
25-33: House MD 4x09 (Games)

*comment and credit
*don't alter please

icons this way )
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43 House MD icons
1-19: 4x14 Living The Dream
20-43: 4x13 No More Mr. Nice Guy

*credit & comment :)
*textless aren't bases
*don't alter please

icons here )

*screencap credits go to [ profile] easilyfound & [ profile] bluebear_74
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27 House Icons
1-11: 2x03 Humpty Dumpty
12-27: 4x16 Wilson's Heart

*credit & comment :)
*textless aren't bases
*don't alter please

right here )

*screencap credit goes to [ profile] easilyfound


Aug. 5th, 2008 09:34 pm
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What is Lisa Edelstein's middle name????

haha this is driving me crazy, I have no idea!?


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