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Can someone tell me if my new banner slows down your computer/takes too long to load? It works pretty fast on mine, just making sure though.

I made another backmask, one way it says "What about service fees?" and the other says "Save Sara Sidle" haha :).
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I just saw the second promo for season 5 of House and for the first time I had a muse to write a House/Cuddy fic that actually worked out!

So here it is, WARNING: contains speculation from promo and speculation from possible spoilers!

I'd love to hear what you think of my writing style and any criticism at all would be great because I just want to get better at writing :).

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So I tried to colorize a photo today in photoshop.....It's not the best, but now I can make icons haha.

(click) to


The dogs coloring was hard to do, and I couldn't decide on a color for the dress..
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24 Icons of Lisa from Monte Carlo

*credit* *comment if you like :)* *don't alter/textless aren't bases* *enjoy*

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30 Lisa Edelstein icons
*credit if using* *don't alter* *enjoy&comment*

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I made two Lisa Edelstein wallpapers....just trying out new styles. I'm not so sure I like the second one; maybe if I had put a different background in...

Comment, credit, enjoy :)

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I'm trying to write a parody song of CSI for We Didn't Start The Fire...I'm trying to include all 3 shows(LV,Miami and NY) and so far I have a few verses: tell me what you think: (try singing it)....=)

Night Shift, Catherine Willows, Sam Braun, Rampart

Old Vegas, New Vegas, Everyone gets shot


Greg Sanders, Lab Rat,  Level One, Has no gun

Ecklie, pay rate, Hodges can’t get a date



Ryan Wolfe, OCD, He likes Calleigh you can see

Nail in Eye, On patrol, Boa Vista, protocol


Sara Sidle, Cool Change, Grissom called She came

Norman Fell, Tape me up, DUIs to goodbyes                       <--------That's my favorite verse

We didnt start the fire
It was always burning
Since the worlds been turning
We didnt start the fire
No we didnt light it
But we tried to fight it

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This man is telling the truth (Think it through from every angle) Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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All i've done today is sit on the computer and play ddr, yes i am completely boring and bored.
But I did manage to make 3 Marg Helgenberger wallpapers, though they're not very good. All three are basically the same thing, just with minor changes.

And....I still can't upload documents onto
is anyone else having this problem?

first post

May. 29th, 2006 09:25 pm
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I just got this livejournal..I'm not very good at keeping journals, so it probably won't be as much journal as it will the icons/wallpapers I make...
So um, here is a CSI/GSR wallpaper I made a while can use it, just remember to credit me :)

click to make it bigger


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